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Asset / machine data on thinxview® dashboards

Connect and monitor your assets, machines data on thinxview® dashboards having IoT devices with our REST API. The dashboards are customizable the way you want.

IoT Solutions on our platform

APIs are the most vital ingredient to the IoT’s success in business, connecting its various layers and helping to democratise access to the crucial business data

Cold chain Illustration with fleet truck, from production to delivery at customer, monitoring temperature, humidity , using GND Solution Sensors
Cold chain monitoring
Asset/Fleet tracking
Indoor positioning system
Industry 4.0 solutions

Generators on the Internet tend to repeat predefined chunks as necessary

Home Automation
Warehouse Management System
How it works?

thinxview® dashboards

When you want to choose an IoT Software platform, it is essential to ensure its flexible to integrate with the outside world.

We believe, especially in the Internet of Things space, to be able to integrate other back-office systems, other IOT networks, other IOT sensors and other Network Servers.

The ThinxView platform has been designed to be totally Open. Whatever the integration you wish to achieve, whatever the protocol used, our IOT platform and our IOT solutions are Open to integration, which you can do yourself, or ask us to do it for you. And, most importantly we have designed our platform to scale it up at ease

Different ways to Integrate with our platform

  • Integration of IoT sensors/Hubs in JSON or via a TCP/IP protocol
  • Integration of IoT sensors/Hubs via the MQTT protocol
  • Integration of IoT sensors/Hubs using custom protocol
  • Integration of sensor data through Standard LPWAN Network Server (LORA, SIGFOX)
  • Open APIs for the development of third-party web or mobile applications
  • Open APIs for integration with back-end software (ERP, BAM, CRM)

Different use cases our platform can cater to:

  • Asset tracking and monitoring
  • cold chain monitoring
  • Ware house management
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Homes
  • Smart Factories
  • Our architecture is highly flexible in adopting to new use cases

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thinxview® Capabilities

If one wish to use our platform, here is the features list our platform can offer:

Rich dashboard

Where users can get snapshot of current happenings

data Monitoring
Like onboarding, editing, deleting, device firmware upgrades etc
Device management
Like onboarding, editing, deleting, device firmware upgrades etc
Reports generation & History view of data
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