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Complete Smart Home Solutions

Home automation kits include various features depending on the size of the household. The essential elements of most packages include control of light, A/C, TV, speakers and other devices. Google Voice/Alexa Integration is also typical in most kits.
Beyond Smart Devices

Like security and surveillance, interactive home, multimedia, energy optimization and in-house climate control.

Smart Appliance Management

Control via a touch-based system is a more advanced plan. A more sophisticated program includes management via a voice-based controller.

Key Features

GND offers Connected Home Solutions which are customizable Smart Home Solutions.


GND provide cost-effective smart home solutinos as per customer requirements.

Easy to Use

GND's smart home solution are perfect partner for digitizing modern homes.

AI Assistant
AI personal assistant works just like a normal human personal assistant.
Stay Connetcted
Experience a seamless and secure home automation connection.
IoT Smart HUB
connects smart home devices such as doorbells, lights, locks, security cameras.
Real Time Monitoring
Keep watch and control your smart home appliances from anywhere in the world.
Smart Home

Solid competence in Home Automation Technologies

The GND solutions has a next generation security system leveraging LoRaWAN, a network that can’t be tampered and provides round-the-clock protection to homes, shops, offices and factories.

Our solution is reliable, cost effective and generates instantaneous alerts using our dynamic IoT platform. This solution is not dependent on home network and comes with an extended battery life.
Our Custom Smart Home Solutions

Give Your Home a Smart Makeover!

Our wide range of Smart Home Products are designed to efficiently complement your lifestyle with Convenience, Safety & Comfort.
  • Light
  • Fan
  • Security
  • Child Lock
  • Appliances
and more.

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