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Street Light Controller

GND’s Street Light Controller is an easy-to-use product that caters to variety of street lights with variety of current range.

The Street Light Controller is a single load ON/OFF Controller which enables smart controlling and monitoring of any light or load equipment. This can be retrofit to any type of light or load equipment. The plug and play feature allow quick integration and simplify, reduce installation time. Dimming is another important feature of the product which enables user to save energy and in turn the cost.
Important features
  • Load remote control – Turning ON/OFF
  • Configurable dimming profile
  • Configurable mode of operation – Manual & Schedule
  • Alerts (Main & Load failures, High & Low voltage alerts)
  • Integrated with our thinxview platform
  • Accurate measurements: ±1%
  • Operating Range: 85-440V AC, 50/60 Hz.
  • Load Operating Range: 85VAC -305VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Under Voltage and Over Voltage shutdown
  • Withstand & Operate L-L AC input 440V
  • EMI Compliance
    Critical parameters monitoring
  • Instantaneous active power
  • Instantaneous reactive power
  • Instantaneous voltage
  • Instantaneous current
  • Total energy consumption
While this controller can be used anywhere, below are the major areas where street light controller is extensively used:

Smart Cities

Smart Factories

Industrial Complexes

Technical Specifications

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