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Transforming businesses by tracking their high-value assets

Monitor and track any asset, anywhere.

Asset tracking and monitoring solutions from GND will allow you to get real-time visibility of the locations of your mobile and fixed assets. The instant notifications inform you when assets arrive at delivery destinations or missing, monitor valuable machinery to ensure your equipment stays on-site with real-time IoT asset monitoring. Our solution is impacting businesses in a great way to reduce loss and theft of assets, save money, improve operational efficiencies, and even creating new business opportunities based on this intelligence, robust ROI and increased productivity. We have transformed many of our client businesses by accurately tracking & monitoring their high-value assets in real-time, located anywhere.

Cat.M1, NB-IoT based Connected Asset Tracking Solutions

Protect Your Assets

For many enterprises, tracking an asset at every step of its journey, in real-time, is a business-critical requirement. With tracking and monitoring, managers can make smart decisions based on factual data, driving performance and creating significant competitive advantages for agile companies. Our Cat.M1, NB-IoT based connected asset tracking solutions provide compliance oversight, enhances owner/operator behaviours, improves productivity, and reveals granular insights for optimizing operational efficiencies.
Cat.M1, NB-IoT based Connected Asset Tracking Solutions

Asset tracking and monitoring solutions

Real-Time Tracking​ Icon
Tracking and visibility

Know real-time location and status of an asset, create geo-fence, monitor asset productivity, and review the history.

Safety and compliance

Manage risk, improve safety, and meet all regional or national compliance. It enables complete insight of asset status, behaviour, and rating, route compliance, theft monitoring, and real-time alerts.

Efficiency and productivity

Monitor ETA and status, monitor trip data, time, performance ranking and review data.

Custom Reports Icon
Reporting and analytics

Create reports, trip status, thefts, arrivals. Granular analytics gives actionable reports to help fix a problem ahead of time.

Management and integration

Manage and monitor your assets with dashboards, mobile applications or integrate with third-party apps.

Custom Alerts Icon

Stakeholder can get alert instantly when there is a violation of temperature or damage to the consignment, potential theft, delay in arrival; reduce downtime and wastage.

Insight In The Cold-Chain System​ Icon
History & reports

Download and review report hourly, daily, weekly, monthly. Reports can be viewed on the dashboard or shared to email.

Major Alerts Icons
Respond to changes, damage

React quickly to potential problems. Not only reduce wastage, but it also helps improve the relationship with clients.


Real-Time Information

Real-time information plays a crucial role in future events and planning. Business can utilize actionable information to improve yields and for increased return on investment.

Decrease Human Involvement

GND’s IoT enabled asset-tracking solution empowers organizations to know their assets’ information, eliminating the need for human effort. It actively keeps track of all assets through IoT sensors attached to each asset.

Enhance Productivity

Asset tracking is critical to keep up the productivity and growth of the organization. The real-time information of assets ensuring security.


The asset-tracking solution uses bank-level AES-256 data authentication and data encryption to ensure that the data is kept private and secure.

Save Time and Resources

Automated system tracks assets, so no more manual checking. Reduces errors and time spent taking manual checks.

Monitor from Anywhere

24/7 access from anywhere via the dashboards.

Protect Brand Reputation

There is nothing more valuable than your Brand – make sure it protected.

Other Important benefits

Improved customer satisfaction on demand-side. Container Security, Efficiency, Manageability & Capacity on the supply side.

Real-Time Trolley Tracking System
Ensures Timely Availability of Trolleys

Real-time Trolley Tracking System

Our Low-power battery-operated Trolley Tracking System improves the management of luggage and shopping trolleys in travel and retail environments. GND Solutions has launched a new BLE/Cat.M1 trolley tracking system which ensures timely availability of trolleys in supermarkets, shopping complex, airports and shop-floors. Never let a misplaced or stolen trolley slow down your operations or increase your operational expense. Increase operational efficiency by keeping a continuous tab on your assets. Providing trolleys in the right place at the right time can significantly enhance customer experience, so more and more retailers, airports and other travel organizations are looking for solutions to support the timely provisioning of trolleys.

Significantly enhances customer experience

Trolley Tracking Benefits

  • Monitor the performance of trolley services
  • Optimises utilisation of trolleys
  • Maintenance history for each trolley
  • Live updates
  • Faster trolley collection
  • Inventory status
  • Low-power BLE enabled trolleys
  • Assured services
Trolley Tracking Benefits
IoT Enabled Pallet Tracking for increased productivity

Warehouse Pallet Tracking Using Indoor Positioning System

Warehouse Pallet Tracking

Indoor warehouse tracking system increases productivity, efficiency, safety and profits, which are the primary measures of success. The tracking system provides real-time status, end to end visibility of all warehouse pallets, containers, and other assets. Warehouse pallets are tracked using BLE 5.0. Bluetooth gateways and tags are increasingly being used in tracking the location of assets, inventory and returnable packaging in warehouse and in-transit.

The GND warehouse pallet tracking solution uses multiple layers of device and data security to ensure your data and networks are safe. BLE data is encrypted end-to-end methods used to make sure that the Bluetooth gateways do not commit for security breaches.

Advantages of smart warehouse pallet tracking

Storage Optimization
Monitor and track pallets
Auto decision making
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