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BLE tags have many applications, being used for tracking assets or people presense

BLE Tags

BLE technology has revolutionized many aspects of living. The simplicity of technology and the low power consumption made its way into products which demand miniaturization like asset tags. BLE tags also made Indoor Positioning System a reality.

BLE tags have many applications, though it’s mostly being used as asset tags and to keep track of people’s presence. BLE tags also used across various use cases such as Warehouse management, People management in Factories, For automating attendance in schools/offices etc.,
BLE Tags - use cases
Asset tags

BLE tags can be used as tags to assets and can be alarmed to the user via mobile app the moment user walks away certain distance from the asset.


Using BLE tags, the larger critical equipment and patients can be tracked with near accurate location inside the building

Attendance automation

By using BLE tags, attendance can be automated in offices, industries and schools etc.

Warehouse management

Various assets and pallets inside the warehouse can be effectively tracked using BLE tags

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