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An easy-to-use product that helps in controlling & monitoring any kind of load

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GND Smart plug-white
GND Smart plug-white
Control and Monitor the load real-time

Smart Plug

GND’s Smart Plug is an easy-to-use product that caters to variety of use-cases that ranges from controlling & monitoring home appliances such as Geysers, ACs, Refrigerators to monitor the energy consumption pattern of industrial machinery.

With this smart plug one can control load remotely and also monitor all critical power paramaters along with total energy consumption. The smartplug is designed especially in keeping view of indian electricity conditions so as to withstand power fluctuations. Smart plug along with our analytics platform ThinxView makes the applications limitless inlcuding but not limited to remote load control and understanding the usage patterns of the gadgets to which the plug is attchaed to.
Smart Plug Applications
Office buildings
Smart Plug Features
  • Critical parameters
  • Parameters sampling frequency as low as 1 second
  • Gadget remote control – Turning ON/OFF
  • Configurable parameters – Measurement & Upload frequencies
  • Integrated with our thinxview platform
  • Accurate measurements: ±1%
  • Operating Voltage: 230V, 50Hz
  • Plug capacity 15Amp Socket
  • Output compatible 5Amp / 15 Amp
  • Critical parameters

            – Instantaneous active power

            – Instantaneous reactive power

            – Instantaneous voltage

            – Instantaneous current

            – Total energy consumption

Technical Specifications

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