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Humidity sensors play as important role as temperature sensors in many applications. In fact, almost all the applications demand sensing humidity wherever temperature sensing is required.

There are many applications where monitoring RH vlaues is vital, for example food processing industries and weather monitoring stations. The role of humidity sensors are very critical in weather predictions and rainfall predictions which will have huge impact on socio-economics. Humidity Sensor Applications
There are Humidity Sensor applications in many industries including medical, HVAC, agriculture, industrial, aerospace and automotive. Here are some of the specific humidity sensor applications which we already cater to many of our existing clientele.

Food Production & logistics

Our sensors are widely used as part of many cold chain monitoring solutions where food produce is monitored right from farm till the time it reaches the retail stores.



Many airports deployed our humidity sensors so as to ensure right and desired temperatures are maintained across airport in accordance with current temperature and humidity levels



Many applications where certain tasks needs to be automated based on the RH levels.


Weather stations

Many weather stations deployed our humidity sensors as part of forecasts.


Air Quality monitoring

Many industries, government bodies and office building deploy humidity sensors as this is one of key factor for monitoring air quality and ensuring human comfort.



Our sensors are integrated into BACnet by many building automation companies.

Our Humidity sensors are available in many variants which can cover the following specs

In-Built sensors for ambient RH levels

High precision and premium sensors for Industrial grade applications

Comes with various wireless technologies as per your need, please refer the following section for detailed specs of wireless technologies

Technical Specifications

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