GSENSE60T is a cellular-based 2G/3G compliant with BLE 4.2/5.0, Wi-Fi temperature sensor

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GSENSE60T [Sense Temp, Humidity]


Vibration sensors can be very handy in pinpointing the issues in many of industrial applications.

There are many applications where vibration monitoring is very helpful, for example deploying vibration sensor on a roller in food processing industry ensures the early detection of issue otherwise which will have ripple effect on the entire production system
Vibration Sensor Applications
There are Vibration Sensor applications in many industries including Food & Beverage, HVAC, Oil & Gas, industrial and automotive. Here are some of the specific vibration sensor applications.

Food Production

Our sensors are widely used on chillers & rollers which are crucial for food production industry. With the help of vibration sensor data, preventive measures can be taken, this reducing the downtime of machinery which otherwise will have huge effect on entire production system



Chillers & Gear boxes which are crucial to HVAC system are often victims of down tear and which can be easily identified by deploying vibration sensors.


Oil & Gas

Nature of the industry where the production stations remote & harsh weather conditions constraint the humans to be physically present and monitor the machinery round the clock and deploying the vibration sensors at right locations helps debug many issues and also prevent them from occurring in most of the cases.



Many industries as part of industry 4.0, deploy vibration sensors across it’s factories to monitor various things.

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