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Cold Chain Monitoring Solutions for Temperature-Sensitive Products

IoT Cold Chain Monitoring

GND’s Cold-Chain monitoring solution can help you efficiently manage the storage, shipping, and distribution of products that need a temperature-controlled environment, such as farm-fresh food or pharmaceuticals and other perishable that have specific temperature range requirements. Our solution provides managers with live data about temperature and location, mitigating any problems along the chain before they arise. We understand the careful live monitoring, sending and receiving of business-critical information is essential to success.

From Production to Delivery: Monitor Your Cold Chain at Every Stage

Ensuring Quality and Safety of Farm Fresh Perishable Goods with Real-Time Temperature Tracking

An intelligent cold chain system can track and ensure the quality of goods from manufacturer to end-user. However, cold chains are sensitive to electromechanical malfunctions, transit delays, theft, human error, and various other factors. With IoT cold chain monitoring systems, issues can be monitored in real-time, with a smart platform, and dashboards.

Maintaining an optimal temperature during transportation of your food or pharmaceutical supplies is crucial in preventing costly spoilage. GND’s cold-chain monitoring solution provides a reliable and affordable way to ensure your coolers and freezers are working properly, potentially saving you dollars in unnecessary damage.
From Diary Production to Delivery at customer doorstep: Complete Monitoring of Cold Chain at Every Stage​

Customizable Reports and Alerts to Keep You Informed and In Control

IOT enabled Cold Chain Solutions

Temperature alert icon
Measure the exact temperature

Know the precise temperature for all your perishable goods, at all times.

Real-Time Tracking​ Icon
Real-Time Tracking

Track location of your perishable goods real-time. Monitor real-time location-wise temperature breach and duration if any.

Custom Alerts Icon

The stakeholder can get alert instantly when there is a violation of temperature or damage to the consignment, potential theft, delay in arrival, reduce downtime and wastage

Major Alerts Icons
Respond to changes, damage

React quickly to potential problems. Not only reduce wastage, but it also helps improve the relationship with clients.

Insight In The Cold-Chain System​ Icon
Insight in the cold-chain system

Provide insight into previously invisible problems. You can quickly discover issues that you would not have seen before.

Custom Reports Icon
History & reports

Download and review report hourly, daily, weekly, monthly. Reports can be viewed on the dashboard or shared to email.

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Wireless Temperature Sensors for Easy and Accurate Monitoring

Smart Cold Chain Benefits​

Compliance with FDA and GDP Standards for Cold Chain Logistics

Smart Cold Chain Specifications

Cold chain Illustration with fleet truck, from production to delivery at customer, monitoring temperature, humidity , using GND Solution Sensors

Additional Info

Dive Brief

Dive Insight

  • Better monitoring of temperatures in refrigerated warehouses could help to cut back on food waste as temperatures that are either too high or too low can result in wastage.
  • The grocery and food sectors are leading in the adoption of cold chain monitoring, followed closely by manufacturing in the pharmaceutical spaces.
  • What’s behind the value proposition to the warehouse manager is getting the information faster about if there are problems, and then to be able to head that off.
  • New trends in cold-chain monitoring are transitioning warehouse manager from a role of collecting raw data to data analyst. Traditionally, warehouse managers have had to manually collect information from temperature gauges or by looking at the product. Cold chain monitoring with sensor-based technology, however, allows these managers to focus instead on fixing problem areas.
  • Investing in cold chain monitoring technology is something a company has to weigh internally, based justifying the cost of losses experienced by poor temperature control.
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