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Product Engineering

The growing demand for Digital transformation has resulted in increased competition between industries and this compelled the organization to constantly create innovative products with evolving technologies, lower costs and within shorter periods.

GND’s team comes with rich experience of product engineering who have built various products across domains and verticals like Logistics, Healthcare, Smart cities and Smart factories to name a few. Formed by the amalgamation of people strong in hardware design, system software development and application development, GND has not only retained those strengths but also developed them for over past 5 years. Our long-standing client relationships with leading companies around the world over speaks about our success in providing excellent product development services.

GND offers end-to-end product engineering services. 

Our expertise includes product conceptualization, feasibility study, prototyping, hardware design, firmware design, system software and application development, system integration, quality assurance, packaging, environment testing and certifications. 

Customer delight is the key goal that we concentrate on during entire lifecycle of product development.

GND's Product Engineering

Customer Benefits


While GND takes care of the outsourced activity completely, Customers can focus more on their core competencies.


We have the right competencies and can help you create the right products with the right designs. We have the capabilities to provide end-to-end solutions, beginning with requirement analysis, feasibility study, prototyping and ending with packaging and certifications.


We provide a warranty period during which time GND provides updates and fixes defects, if any.


The Intellectual Property (IP) is entirely owned by the client.


Time and over we established long-term relationships with our clients and have the track record to prove it.

Our Offerings

New Product Engineering

You have a problem in hand which can be solved by developing a product, and we would love to develop the product right from inception and ensure the problem is solved.

Product Re-engineering

You have a legacy product and we can help you rebuild the product with latest technologies and with optimized costs.

Minimum Viable Product​

For the client to evaluate the product and it’s applicability in the field, we can help customers to provide minimum viable product within very shorter period and enable them to arrive at decision quickly.


You have a product in hand want to mass produce, GND will be the right partner. Over the past few years, we have developed good rapport with various EMS and we have developed expertise in bringing down the product costs and manufacturing them at scale.

Core Capabilities

Planning <==> Prototyping <==> Development <==> Testing <==> Release
Software Engineering

  • - Data Analytics and Reports
  • - Expertise in Cloud [Azure & AWS] Services
  • - Backend Development Services
  • - Frontend Development Services
  • - Mobile Apps Development Services
  • - API strategy

System Architecture and Design

  • - Requirement analysis
  • - Technology selection & evaluation
  • - System Block Diagram, HLD
  • - Cost estimation & reviews

Embedded H/W Design

  • - Product Design & Development
  • - Scalable Design, DFM, DFT
  • - Low power applications
  • - Simulations & Signal Integrity
  • - Simple miniaturization to complex designs
  • - Value Engineering & BOM Optimization

Embedded F/W Design

  • - Board Bring-up, BSP, Device Drivers
  • - Boot loader, New Processor Platform Adoption
  • - OS Porting – Android, Linux, VxWorks, QNX etc
  • - RTL Design & Power Management
  • - FOTA, OTA Interface & upgrades
  • - Protocol stack development/ porting
  • - Application, cloud integration

Value Propositions

We care for your business digital transformation
Project localization
Better capacity augmentation
Minimal resource lockup
Industry Best practices
Sustainable business model
Low cost operations
Price flexibility
Higher productivity
Core skill competencies
Reduced engineering time
Faster turnaround
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