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Monitoring Food Temperatures Made Easy

Automate Compliance Monitoring

Monitoring and logging food temperatures for compliance and food safety is a tricky and manual process. When you place your GLOSEx series sensors in your refrigeration units, they send real-time temperatures to dashboards and store the information for compliance, reporting no more manual logs. With GND Solutions, you can demonstrate compliance 24/7/365, and get notified when equipment is out of range or offline so you can take immediate action. Protect your customers, patients, residents and your valuable inventory.

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Our LoRa devices help prevent food waste in restaurants.


  • Reduce inventory loss with thresholds and notifications.
  • Access to data for HACCP and FSMA compliance report.
  • Track food storage equipment health or failure 24/7/365..
  • Automate manual food temperature logging..
  • Get notified when food temperatures are out of range..
  • Give your staff time to focus on food preparation.
  • Easy and quick setup.
  • Protect your customers.
  • Complete control over your data upon request.
  • Reduces errors and time spent taking manual checks.
  • Variety of alarm notifications from beacon, email & SMS.
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