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Semtech’s LoRa® Devices Prevent Food Waste in Restaurants
GND Solutions’ LoRa-enabled temperature sensors reduce restaurant operational cost by 40 percent.
CEO of the Year 2020 - GND Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
“Our fascination is always about solving problems, with the right technology” asserts Mr Reddy.
Siva Reddy AV: Offering Innovative and Transformative Solutions
A versatile R&D professional with more than 18 years’ experience in conceptualization and development of microcontroller, IoT,etc.
Siva Reddy AV: Got a Zeal to Make the Best of IoT for the Clients
Annareddy Venkata Siva Reddy, as a leader incorporates responsibilities of Founder and Managing Director at GND Solutions.
Siva Reddy: Addressing Business Needs Through World-Class IoT Solutions
Siva Reddy is the Founder of GND Solutions. He is an entrepreneur & versatile R&D professional with over 20 years of experience
Top Inspiring Business Leaders of the Year 2020

Siva Reddy – MD of GND Solutions, addressing Businesss Needs Through World Class IoT Solutions.