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GND Solutions – A Revolution Digitalizing the Sphere, IoT Redefined!
GND Solutions enters the domain of IoT and M2M with services that are not only diversified but also have the best industry standards packed with the latest technologies.
CEO of the Year 2020 - GND Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
“Our fascination is always about solving problems, with the right technology” asserts Mr Reddy.
Siva Reddy AV: Offering Innovative and Transformative Solutions
A versatile R&D professional with more than 18 years’ experience in conceptualization and development of microcontroller, IoT,etc.
Siva Reddy AV: Got a Zeal to Make the Best of IoT for the Clients
Annareddy Venkata Siva Reddy, as a leader incorporates responsibilities of Founder and Managing Director at GND Solutions.
Siva Reddy: Addressing Business Needs Through World-Class IoT Solutions
Siva Reddy is the Founder of GND Solutions. He is an entrepreneur & versatile R&D professional with over 20 years of experience
Top Inspiring Business Leaders of the Year 2020

Siva Reddy – MD of GND Solutions, addressing Businesss Needs Through World Class IoT Solutions.

Semtech’s LoRa® Devices Prevent Food Waste in Restaurants
GND Solutions’ LoRa-enabled temperature sensors reduce restaurant operational cost by 40 percent.