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Cybersecurity team which performs vulnerability assessments for the products. We are
looking for a self-motivated team member who would like to work on challenging task every
day. One should have prior experience/projects dealing with electronics and hardware
components. Below are key areas we are looking for.

 Understanding of computer science fundamentals.
 Basics of Networking (Ex: DNS, DHCP, OSI model, TCP/IP, ARP)
 Experience with tools like Nmap, Wireshark, Burpsuite.
 Proficiency with any Programming language and scripting language (Ex: C, Python,
Bash, PowerShell)
 Any hand-on experience or CTF participation is an advantage (Optional)
 Any Networking/Infosec related certification is an advantage. (Optional)

Educational Qualifications (any one which applies):

 B-Tech in CS/EC 1+ years (Also with any relevant internship experience can apply).
 BCA/MCA with 1+ years of experience.
 Diploma in CS/EC with 2+ years of experience.

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