Ideals at GnD Solutions

Quality First & On time Delivery

At GND, our primary focus is to ensure the highest quality of service at each stage of product and solution development, and deliver world class products for the global market with committed passion. We make products first time, on-time and every-time in the IoT, IIoT & M2M domains on equal footing with global standards.

what we DO

Trusted partner for IoT

Our fundamental driving force is bringing innovative and transformative concepts to products in the areas of IOT and M2M for Smart Cities, Smart Factories and the Industrial & Energy segments. Our End-to-End solutions provide rapid time-to-market capabilities that give you a competitive advantage in the global market.

End node <==> Cloud <==> Analytics <==> Visualization

Cold Chain Solution

GND’s Cold Chain Solution helps to track status of perishable items which are temperature sensitive. Our IoT integrated solution improves supply chain visibility for enhanced customer experience, theft protection and inventory management. Our product provides the ultimate solution to lowering the spoilage rate of temperature sensitive goods with absolutely low energy costs. Our Smart end node sensors and analytics platform enhances visibility and remote management with overall cost savings.

Location Tracking Solution

Smart tracking & monitoring solution

GND’s Location Tracking Solution helps owners/ companies in the transport and logistics market to improve their logistics management and vehicle performance, with optimized efficiency and operating cost. Our solution offers a close insight and detailed information about vehicle movements, routes, status, utilization, and enables in managing the fleet with ease and simplicity.

ASSET TAG Solution

Intelligent & low power system

Our Asset Tag Solution consists of edge analytics and smart LoRa based end node that helps supply warehousing, smart factory and freight logistics management companies to optimize and modernize operations. Asset tag solution uses GND's platform to deliver efficiency, customer delight and competitive advantage. This solution is ideal for heavy engineering manufacturers, smart industries, tractors, cranes or other industrial equipment that requires constant monitoring, tracking and conditioning. A miniature version of this solution also assists in real-time personnel management and monitoring by alerting owners / companies when a tag is tampered or unfastened.

Door / Window Alaram Solution

Wireless, smart & instant

The Door Alarm Sensor is a next generation security system leveraging LoRaWAN, a network that can’t be tampered and provides round-the-clock protection to homes, shops, offices and factories. Our solution is reliable, cost effective and generates instantaneous alerts using our dynamic IoT platform. This solution is not dependent on home network and comes with an extended battery life.